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Are You Experiencing The Signs Of Relationship Destroying Debt?


“Money can get in the way of love, even in the most romantic, compatible relationships. Of all the intimacies you share, the sharing of money sparks the most arguments, kindles the most resentments, and creates the most confusion. From what I’ve seen, it also causes the most divorces.”

Felton-Collins, V. (with Brown, S. B.). (1990). Couples and money: Why money interferes with love and what to do about it. New York: Bantam Books.

So maybe that states the obvious.  We all know this right?  Couples fight about money, or the lack of money, all the time.  Yeah, sure, it’s the number 1 predictor of breakups and divorces, hands down.  Kind of like those GEICO™ commercials running all the time … “Wow, you can save 15% in 15 minutes … yeah, everybody knows that … Well, did you know that ….”

Fighting over money, lack of money and debts is the number one predictor of relationship breakup and divorce.  Yeah, everyone knows that.  Well, did you know ….

Financial arguments are one of the most frequently occurring conflicts in marriage and that financial conflict is qualitatively different than other marital conflict. On average financial arguments are stronger, longer lasting.  Consumer Debt is the single most likely reason for financial strain and associated fighting. Dr. Jeffrey Dew, Utah State University, various studies and publications.

If you answer yes to three (3) or more of the following SIGNS your relationship is at risk of ending due to DEBT and it may be time to think about getting a handle on your debt through bankruptcy:

1. You lie about or hide from each other the past due status of credit cards, rent or mortgage payments or utility bills.

2. You worry about how you are going to afford to buy groceries and feed your children.

3. When you are grocery shopping, you frequently have to say no when your kids ask for a particular item or your frequently have to put items back while at the checkout because you don’t have enough to pay for what you need.

4. You and your partner fight over money, the lack of money and debts more than once per week.

5. Money, lack of money and debt is the single most frequent topic of arguments.

6. Worrying over money and debt causes you to lose sleep at night.

7. You have needed to “borrow” from your children’s savings more than once.

8. You have uttered the words “I want a divorce” or “I’m going to leave you” after fighting about debt.

9. You are constantly borrowing from friends and family just to keep the lights and heat on.

10. Worrying over debt has brought you to tears on more than one occasion.

Bankruptcy offers an alternative to destroying your relationships. Bankruptcy allows you to refocus your priorities where they belong … children, partner and family.

Filing for Bankruptcy will get you out from debt. Yeah, everyone knows that … Well, did you know filing for Bankruptcy can save your relationship?

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