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Bankruptcy Law FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

We can help you answer these questions:


How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy?

How quickly do I need to pay the costs of filing for bankruptcy?

Does my bankruptcy get reported in the newspaper?

Will My Employer Get Notified of My Bankruptcy?

Is it true the Bankruptcy court will put my house and car up for sale and use the money to pay my creditors?

Is it true all of my debt will be wiped out in my bankruptcy?

Can I choose which of my creditors I want to file bankruptcy on?

Does my spouse have to file with me or can I file by myself?

If I file individually even though I am married, will my bankruptcy affect my spouse’s good credit?

Should I sign the title to my cars over to a family member before filing?

What is the Difference Between Secured Debt and Unsecured Debt?

What if I have student loans? Can I still finish school or will I have to pay cash from now on?

I’ve been struggling with my debt for a long time but my pastor tells me filing for bankruptcy is a sin?

How much debt do you need to file Bankruptcy?

How soon can a bankruptcy case be filed?

If I get a discharge of a debt that my dad co-signed on, is the debt wiped out for him too?

Will a Bankruptcy Stop a Garnishment From My Paycheck That is Already Coming Out?

How does bankruptcy treat loans I have from my parents or good friends?

What do I tell my creditors when they call before I file bankruptcy? After I file?

What Do I Need to Know About Home Loan Modifications?

How Can I Achieve Medical Debt Relief?

What Really Is Foreclosure Defense?

How Do I Eliminate a Second Mortgage?

Will I be able to keep my furniture, appliance, and electronics? What about my clothing?

Is past due child support of spousal support dischargeable in bankruptcy?

What is the 341 First Meeting of Creditors and what happens there?

Can I file bankruptcy on past due income taxes?

How long does the initial meeting in your office take?

Can I keep the money I am supposed to receive from a car accident injury I had last year?

Is my life insurance an asset? Will I be required to cash them in?

I just moved to Illinois 4 weeks ago, can I file Bankruptcy here or do I have to go back to where I lived last month?

What questions will I be asked at the First Meeting of Creditors?

If I forget about a creditor and fail to list them in my bankruptcy, will I have to pay that creditor after all?

Can I include past due gas, electric, cable and telephone bills in my bankruptcy?

My job required me to provide my own tools. Are my tools a part of my bankruptcy estate even though I will lose my job if I have to surrender them?

What happens to my income tax refund if I haven’t received it yet when I file bankruptcy?

How does a Chapter 13 work?

Can I pay off my Chapter 13 Plan early or in one lump sum?

If I qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, why might I choose to be in a Chapter 13 instead?

If I lose my job and have to go on unemployment, will the Bankruptcy Court take my payments out of the unemployment checks?

I have past due child support for a child who is already over 18. How is old child support treated in a Chapter 13?

Do the Chapter 13 payments have to be deducted from my wages or can I pay them directly myself?

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